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  • Footbridge


    The new winebar & shop

  • Jerzy Vetulani


    Adam Golec

    Pictures of Jerzy Vetulani

  • Café Hevre


    Café Hevre

    The new Café in Kazimierz

  • Friday 11/11


    Friday 11/11

    Independence day
    in Poland

  • Truth about fairy tales


    Andrzej Kowalczyk

    Truth about fairy tales

  • Limanowskiego 24


    Limanowskiego 24
    Not only a gallery

  • Czarny Protest


    Czarny Protest

  • Yellow Submarine


    My birthday in Amsterdam - The Yellow Submarine

  • 1968 - 2016


    A 1968 is needed in Poland

  • 'Good Intentions


    "The way to hell is paved with good intentions"




‘Multi-Culti’ exhibition' 

Art with no borders – European art – Art connecting people 

‘Multi-Culti’ is an exhibition presenting the creative output of artists from different European countries. It’s showing their art in the context of the region grew up. First of all it shows what they have achieved and absorbed due to multi-cultural surrounding and migration.



The Bernatek footbridge

At Mostowa 1 in Krakow there is BARaWINO a wine bar and special wine shop. The owner is Marek Kondrat. His friend and father in law Grzegorz Turnau is a well-known Polish troubadour. From time to time in Barawina you may come across a vice prime minister.

December 13


Soon in English

Jerzy Vetulani


Professor Jerzy Vetulani

An exhibition at Olympia Galeria, photos taken during the birthday party of Jerzy Vetulani by photographer Adam Golec. Jerzy Vetulani, Professor Jerzy Adam Gratian Vetulani is neurobiologist; his specialty is the functioning of our brain. He is a well-known Pole not only in Poland.

Café Hevre


Café Hevre

A new theatercafé in Kazimierz - Krakow.
It is an abbreviation of a Jewish name because it is in a converted former Jewish synagogue. The building is owned by the Jewish Religious Community. Now It is part of the 'Alchemia Empire'. Jewish elements such as murals behind layers of paint are brought to the fore. The cafe is designed with a modern interior, not with old furniture as in Bunkier Sztuki and theatercafé Alchemia.


Friday 11/11


Friday 11/11-2016

The day that the end of the First World War in many countries - 1918 - is commemorated. In some countries this is Veterans Day in other 'Remembrance-Day. Poland celebrates Independence Day for the ninetieth eight this time.

In 1918 Poland gained its independence as the Second Polish Republic after it had long been divided for 123 years between Prussia, Russia and the Habsburg Empire.
This independence did not last long. Only until September 1, 1939, when it was divided between Germany and Russia under the Molotov - von Ribbentrop Pact. Only After the fall of the wall on November 8, 1989 Poland regained its independence as Third Republic in 1990.

Truth about fairy tales


The truth about fairy tales

An exhibition of the works 1994 – 2016 of Andrzej Kowalczyk
Andrzej Kowalczyk celebrated his sixtieth birthday with de closing of his exhibition in Olympia Galeria.

Limanowskiego 24


Limanowskiego 24

'Olympia’s home Galeria', but not only
Every six weeks during the season from September until June, there is an exhibition.

Opening and closing, preferably with a performance.

There also are Kino Pana Freda and Workshopx

Czarny Protest


In Dutch only

Yellow Submarine


My birthday in Amsterdam
The Yellow Submarine

September 10, 2016

The fair in the Haarlem neighbourhood.
The first Saturday of the month in September in the Haarlem neighbourhood Haarlemmerstraat, Haarlemmerdijk and Haarlemmerpoort there is a a street fair with a dinner hosted by Restaurant Stout for about 200 guests.

1968 - 2016


In December 2010 I made a little speech in a kind of cabaret show at Club Piekny Pies, the 'Beautiful Dog' in Krakow. I find the text still relevant given the political situation in Poland.

'Good Intentions


"The way to hell is paved with good intentions"
I'm going to write once more regularly for Fredlog. 

Clash of classes


The clash of classes

Populists versus neo-conservatives, or in other words, the Verticals in favor of a corporate nation state against the Horizontals in favor of a liberal democracy, are in conflict. The missing-in-action left created a vacuum for the populists while the neocons neglected the interests of about 20% of the lower class population.

Stolen Revolution


Traveling social landscapes

Through my international orientation and work in many countries, I qualify myself as a traveler through social landscapes. It also led to a certain level of commitment, such as in Krakow where I already live for 12 years. I wrote my columns about civil life in the city for the Krakow Post an English-language magazine for expats.

All of a sudden there was the end of the printed edition and a change of editors. With the new editor in chief, I could not get along. Being involved with the ins and outs of the city public life, writing my columns it came to my mind suppose you write a political program what issues would you address?

Alberts Jezowski's paintings


Albert Jezowski painting with Krzystof Marchlak

Autism - an incurable disease.
It sounds like a sentence ... the question is a sentence for whom?
For the person with autism or maybe for the people around them?
It might be worthwhile to change this statement and say that autism sounds like a challenge.

Beaujolais Noveau 2014


Er was een tijd nog niet lang geleden dat het als sneeuwde op de derde donderdag van november.

In die tijd vijftien jaar geleden werd Alchemia een heus Pools café geopend op Plac Nowy in Krakau. De eerste kroeg die in 1995 op het plein werd geopend was Singer, dat altijd stijf van de rook stond. Singer is vernoemd naar het merk van de naaimachines en niet naar Isaac Bashevis Singer een Pools Amerikaanse schrijver van Joodse afkomst. Plac Nowy maakt deel uit van het stadsdeel Kazimierz, waarvan een deel de oude joodse wijk is.

Elections in Krakow


In November there are council and mayoral elections in Poland. The first round of voting commences on November 16th. Depending on the threshold (50%) the second round will be held on November 30th. As a registered foreigner I can participate in the election as candidate City Councilor and as Mayor (president in Krakow), however I will not exercise this right.



Watercolors with Eizo Sakata.

Eizo Sakata is a cheery Japanese artist who lives in Paris and paints using ocean water. Recently he paid a short visit to Krakow and wanted to paint. Unfortunately, there is no ocean in southern Poland. The only source of water comes from the Vistula river. Thus, a new project was born, painting in European cities with river water.

Civil Awareness - Referendum Q 1


On the 25th of May Kraków witnessed an uncommon event – the local referendum.
Question 1 about the bid for the Olympic Wintergames in Krakow in 2022.

Students of Adam Mickiewicz 6th High School/Upper Secondary School in Kraków participated in a project “Creating the awareness of your city”. Its main objective was to foster Civic Engagement among youth.

Krakow - Civil Awareness of the City


Students of Adam Mickiewicz 6th High School/Upper Secondary School in Kraków were invited to participate in a project “Creating the awareness of your city” launched by Furious Fred, columnist from Krakow Post.

Art at Home - Galeria Olympia


Krakow Post has published an article of the Gallery "Galeria Olympia"Galeria and its owner Olympia Maciejewska Gijbels.
The website of the gallery is:http://www.olympiagaleria.pl/pl

Krakow Post, my columns


Every month a column of mine is published in Krakow Post. It is a monthly magazine for expats living in Krakow and tourists visiting the city. The columns are published under the name of Furious Fred. The idea behind it is to contribute to a better 'civil awareness' of decent city life.